Your Partner for Retirement Plan, Investment Fiduciary, and Employee Education Services

About Us

Located in the Greater Boston area, EBS Financial Advisors provides comprehensive Retirement Plan, Investment Fiduciary, and Employee Education Services.


EBS Financial Advisors provides the following services

• Plan fiduciary education
• Plan fiduciary responsibility/liability assessment
• Plan committee charter development and implementation assistance
• Policy development and implementation assistance
• Fiduciary compliance file maintenance assistance
• Investment policy statement development and implementation assistance
• Tools and resources to assist with plan oversight responsibilities
• Investment menu option recommendations and implementation assistance
• Investment monitoring and reporting
• Act as a 3(21) plan fiduciary
• Investment manager search support
• Assistance with changes in investment options
• Plan compliance assistance
• Plan audit preparation assistance
• Act as liaison between plan and service providers
• Vendor fee and service review
• Vendor search support
• Vendor transition support
• Education strategy and education policy statement development, implementation and oversight
• Group employee education and enrollment meetings
• One-on-one employee education